Is elastomeric paint worth it

Texas Rhino Shield is a highly specialized, chemically formulated elastomeric urethane exterior wall coating system that looks like traditional exterior latex paint but is far tougher than that stuff the other house painters use. The exterior paint was put on over an elastomeric primer, and the paint has lasted 7 years in the hot FL sun and hurricanes. Another great thing about elastomeric paint is that it doesn’t require multiple layers. They also made sure that no stray paint got onto the cars in the street or on the neighbors houses (we are only separated by a few feet). Outsiders and passers-by will judge the persons living inside a house based on what they see. If the stucco is to be re-coated with an elastomeric coating (more on this in a minute), then temperatures should be above 60 degrees due to the longer drying time of these coatings. This means it is time to paint. After the sealer dries, apply concrete primer and masonry paint, which is an elastomeric coating that also waterproofs. I have found out that it appears that it is a simple elastomeric paint, alot like the roof coating companies use. The top layer of a quality film is made up of elastomeric polymers that return to their natural shape after being stretched or disfigured, giving the film a “self-healing” property. One of the most technologically advanced coatings manufacturers in the world, Textured Coatings of America, Inc. For example, an EPDM coating will not adhere to silicone. #4. However, we know our customers equally value the protection our coatings and linings provide to their investments, their reputation, and their clients. Obviously, the paint manufacturers all tout that elastomeric paint is better. It's also one of the recommended paint brands by many house painters and paint professionals. Any painter that tells you otherwise, is picking your pocket. Aura Exterior with our exclusive Color Lock technology provides the ultimate performance for rich, full color and unprecedented durability. Select a Product Type I bought this paint not to use on the outside but on the inside to cover fine cracks that appear on my lounge wall and on the walls either side of my log stove caused through thermal movement. Our Elastomeric Roof Coating Services protect roofs for businesses, housing and more. When water . I don't know if this helps but it has worked on our building for the last 4 years. EPDM is a Cost Effective and Do It yourself Solution by EPDM Coatings for residential and commercial roofing projects. Pros and Cons Using Elastomeric Paint To maximize protection of walls and other outer surfaces of structures, owners usually use elastomeric paint as their first coating option. Elastomeric roof coatings are extremely durable and adapt well to weather conditions that are proper to each season (e. If you plan to finish an exterior surface with elastomeric paint, you can hasten the process by using a spray rig. is a paint contracting company in Phoenix that provides a variety of paint services, including fine finishing, antiquing, decorating, stain, and varnish work. Kool Seal Elastomeric Roof Coating. Deck surfaces – especially outdoor decks such as sundecks, patios, or balconies – are exposed to significant wear and tear, caused by everything from normal foot traffic to natural weathering. At Prestige Deck Coating, specialize in replacing old and worn elastomeric deck coatings, and providing a much more sturdy and long lasting solution. I've been stalling on ordering $200 bucks worth of Grizzly Grip wondering if there was a simpler method. Titan Superflex™ is a self-priming Sand old paint in good condition, and then dust off before repainting. The following are the Sherwin-Williams elastomeric paint. Best Stucco Paint Reviews Now that you are aware of the advantages of using stucco in your home, we’ll show you some of the complementing products to enhance the appearance of your stucco wall. Because it is a thermoplast (is that english too?) the surface of the paint pollutes SherLastic is an economical elastomeric coating designed for use on masonry and concrete construction to prevent water from penetrating into building interiors. Lifetime Coatings has much higher viscosity than paint, is very mildew resistant, and is capable of expanding up to 800%. Mainly for exterior concrete, plaster, and CMU, Elastomeric coatings reduces the visibility of cracking in walls because the paint stretches to continue to cover as needed even as cracks expand. The reason that he over-coated it was because the Elastomeric paint is a rubbery stuff and it attracts dirt like crazy and it's hard to wash off. The paint contractor told me that there are indeed chunks knocked out of the stucco finish and he will need to repair them. Then when that wall heats up in the summer and the moisture expands, it will then push the paint off the stucco. What Is Elastomeric Paint and How Is It Used For Coating. RV Roof Superstore - 38-1474 Stephens Painting, Inc. Elastomeric's flexible nature makes them a good choice to  6 Apr 2017 You know it's a good thing and that it is a useful quality in a sealant, but Coatings that are considered elastomeric expand and contract with  "upgrade" from traditional paint to elastomeric waterproof coating. Wall finishes (faux) do create interesting depth for an old world look. Elastomeric coatings, which are very flexible and can stretch. And I'm glad they where out of the middle class paint and upgraded me to the marquee free cause I would have never spent 40 a gallon. If Rhino Shield is not paint, then what is it? Rhino Shield is a ceramic elastomeric coating. In our experience, many architects and owners specify elastomeric coatings for exterior . Use the presets for room/project size, or add your own dimensions. Our overarching theme for 2020 reflects the need for ease and fluidity between the digital, physical and emotional parts of our lives in this restless, anxious world. Find quality products at our Los Angeles paint store for the consumer and professional paint industry! Offering interior & exterior paint solutions. 😲 Lowest price BEHR Premium 5 Gal MS 63 White Clad Elastomeric Masonry Stucco And Brick Exterior Paint 06805 guarantee Get all of the impotnat tips BEHR Premium 5 Gal MS 63 White Clad Elastomeric Masonry Stucco And Brick Exterior Paint 06805 for you home space. enamel finish A type of household paint that dries to a hard finish. So, I am really interested to hear views on elastomeric paint. I just call up DE and they drop off the paint, either at my house or the job site, wherever I ask. Titan Superflex™ Elastomeric Paint. Good results are generally obtained @ 2,000-3,000 psi at the spray tip. During the last Tropical Storm we experienced water seeping in from our exterior walls. First of all, make sure your stucco is in good repair. After all that stress, you will get what? $600. Have lowered price many times as it´s worth usually about 50% of retail value when selling clean used Graco or Titan machines. It's their product development team. Masonry: Cement and brick walls are subject to moisture seepage from outside and need a special sealer to block that moisture. Epoxy is considered ideal because it endures abuse better than acrylic and urethane alone, but you can sometimes add layers to improve performance and longevity. The only downsides I could think of when using a ceramic coating like EcoSeal as a permanent exterior paint for your Painted my stucco house a year ago with the elastomeric paint. It has excellent adhesion, waterproofing, thickness, elasticity, and other necessary properties of an exterior paint. Reasons to NOT Pressure Wash #1 Water in the Walls Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating (3100) View Product Super Solid; Deck & Dock with Cool Feel™ Technology (5400) View Product Super Solid; Semi-Solid Stain with Cool Feel™ Technology (5200) Estimate how much product your project requires with the calculator below. 1 brand in elastomeric paint business. Roofing siding exterior paint We Offer Our Service on Fort Worth, River Oaks, Lake Worth, Azle, Samson Park, Springtown, White Settlement, Benbrook, My house was just painted recently with a Sherwin Williams elastomeric paint on primed, new stucco. I didn't look up those models, so I don't know what level of quality they are, but a good one can cost far more than its worth for short term use every 8 years or so. This roof coating paint defenses your roof from weather and rains for at least years. Testers at Consumer Reports found that Duration resists cracking and color change, but other paint brands perform better for dirt and mildew resistance. Elastomeric paint is a special type of paint that is designed with polymers and acrylics in a special combination created for outdoor use, especially use on materials that do not generally hold paint well like stone or concrete. Sherwin-Williams is one of the big paint manufacturers that offer elastomeric paint. Typical roof coating dry film thickness vary from paint film thickness (plus or minus 0. Do not leave the paint roller, with the silicone paint, to dry on the acrylic roof surface overnight. This is a review of the Sep 20, 2015- Explore anissabolton's board "Elastomeric Paint" on Pinterest. For decades, painters have wrestled with how to best refinish neglected, old pressure treated decks – without call backs. Don't paint over elastomeric coatings with a solvent-based top coat. The external appearance of a house is as important as the things inside it. The Professional Painter: What Paint Is REALLY Best And Why? One of our favorite customers from Mechanicsburg, PA recently pointed out that Sherwin Williams Paint typically does not rate well in Consumer Reports, but it is all she ever sees us using in her home. Elastomeric coating is a premium quality exterior elastomeric waterproofing coating which is used in residential, architectural, commercial, and light industrial applications on a variety of vertical masonry surfaces. Quality work all around. Many coatings failures can be  24 May 2018 But, is painting stucco a good idea? Learn about the many primer and top coat) . So the previous paint technically would have failed, showing an elastomeric was needed in the first place due to excessive expansion and contraction of a surface. Learn more about Titan™ Superflex™ Elastomeric Paint and what it can do for your home or building. Lower VOC’s – It rates at 81. Compatibility with roofing materials. Acrylic Roof Coatings 101. A ⅜” nap roller is recommended if rolling. See more ideas about Elastomeric paint, Concrete and Adhesive. Helps bridge dimensionally unstable cracks on old damaged sound wood surfaces. Elastomeric coatings is the fastest-growing type of the top 10 paints & coatings market. Silicone is not compatible with other materials. To achieve a lasting finish with an elastomeric, it's worth pressure-washing the facade of a building before applying the paint. I know elastomeric paints for over 20 years know as my father sold paint from a french paint factory specialised in facade coating and elastomeric paints since the 50's. There are distinct advantages in using elastomeric coatings. Lots of hard work but worth it. If you’ve got cracks or other faults you want to cover or bridge, this paint may be the right choice for your job. “We didn’t have any issues with delamination of the Hardie-backer, but we had to go in within a year and caulk all the vertical cracks and re-paint,” Chandler says. INTRODUCTION. With its expanding and contracting abilities, an elastomeric roof coating presents many benefits, including: Extending the life of the existing roof it covers I have 15 rentals, all with the same paint colors/scheme. I painted the new render they had done back in 2007, but it has cracked in numerous places around the window sills and mid wall in places. " With the bottom line being a top priority for many businesses and building owners, they must contemplate whether spending additional funds on eco-friendly initiatives is worth it to them. Behr remains a leader in the paint industry and has created a multi-surface acrylic latex paint formulated to withstand the inherent challenges of roof surfaces. For more information about elastomeric paints, ask a knowledgeable salesperson at your local paint store, hardware store or decorating center. We’ve used elastomeric coatings before. Such rubberized compounds are normally used for short term repairs (2 to 5 years) on damaged shingles on a pitched roof, and as a seam sealer on rolled roofing for flatter pitches. It is a ceramic elastomeric coating that is 100% acrylic, waterborne, and boasts a high-build formula that resists water penetration, keeps some noise out, repels UV rays and helps fight mold and mildew. When to use Elastomeric Paint on Stucco. Maybe you can cut a deal with your local mechanic to paint your car. This product forms a thick barrier for the roof, which can reflect 90% of the sun’s rays. 23 Jan 2017 Elastomeric paint has an elasticity that helps it withstand contraction and expansion in the underlying material. Elastomeric membrane Find a Dulux Trade Outlet. This is a labor intensive project, so do yourself a favor and buy the good stuff you will be so much happier later on. Here’s how… Do it in warm weather, though, and make sure the paint was removed before you stain the concrete. best place to buy paint supplies/accessories? If this is the only time you'll plan to paint, the kits might be worth it, but generally, it's better to get it POLIBRID COATINGS, INC. When your facility roof needs a pick-me-up but you’re not ready to shell out the big bucks to replace it – applying an elastomeric roof coating might be the best option. by Bruce Hackett Provide ultimate protection to terrace with Rust-Oleum 7 Years Elastomeric Coating Paint which is extremely durable. Enamel finishes may be flat paint, gloss paint or semi-gloss paint. The lifespan of the elastomeric stucco coating is much longer than regular exterior acrylic paint. com Elastomeric paint is a very thick elastic coating well-suited for exterior surfaces that expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. (This effect is more pronounced with elastomeric paint. All are nothing more than top quality elastomeric coatings applied to properly prepared surfaces and the appropriate number of coats! Do it yourself and Save! Whether your roof is large or small, flat or sloped, GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Systems provide a proven, guaranteed solution for renewing your weathered roof. An example is the stucco paint from Valspar, which bridges hairline cracks to keep out water. Which paint is better? Elastomeric roof coating in Fort Worth is a rubberized roof coating that is known for being very tough as well as incredibly flexible. Very professional and helpful. Multiple coats of varnish, oil-based, water-based, lead-based, acrylic, urethane, epoxy, and elastomeric paints are no match for Smart Strip PRO. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store. If you’re looking for elastomeric paint Pacific Palisades professionals, we can help you. Global Elastomeric Coatings Market Worth USD 11. Caulk stays shinny, and Elastomeric paint is generally flat sheen, causing streaks as soon as it's painted. After the patch areas dry, apply the coating. 6 g/l compared to approximately 200 g/l for traditional house paint. Ehow. Browse through all of the exterior paint, interior paint and wood stains available from Behr, offering paints that are perfect for your next project. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Moisture vapor can pass through the coating. We do not recommend elastomeric paint on all projects. I cover my PUP with a RV cover so I'll get more years out it. Elastomeric coating in Camarillo is much thicker than standard acrylic paint and And, they are definitely not worth taking a risk with – and leaving your home in   The BEHR Premium Elastomeric Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint is an exterior, flexible high-build coating designed to expand and contract, bridging hairline  An exterior, flexible, high-build coating designed to expand and contract, bridging hairline cracks in vertical masonry surfaces. Oil based paint tends to penetrate deep into the wood. Tnemec Company, Inc. If there are multiple coats of paint on your stucco it may not be a good idea to paint again with an elastomeric paint. Because working on the roof presents a fall hazard, safety equipment, such as water-resistant safety shoes and a safety harness, is a must. If you want an exterior paint that lasts a decade or more, that stands up against Arizona’s fierce sun, intense dust storms, pounding monsoon rains, and shifting landscape, then elastomeric paint is worth the extra cost. However, this is a time-consuming process that adds cost and requires extra effort. When applied as directed, at up to 20 mils wet film thickness per coat, this product fills pores, and bridges minor surface cracks to create a monolithic film that Henry 587 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite White Elastomeric Roof Coating is a premium, high solids, reflective roof coating. If you are having a professional paint your house, you can still buy the paint at your local store and save money on any markup they may put on it for buying for you. Please post a rating in the Consumer Star Ratings below. If I call in the morning it will be that day, if I call in the afternoon it will be the next morning. Elastomeric deck coatings or elastomeric paint do not suffice. Next, mask off any areas you want to protect with painter's tape, apply a coat of primer to the surface, and let it dry completely. 19, 2016) – Sherwin-Williams announces enhancements to several products in the SuperDeck Finishing System, the most comprehensive deck care finishing system available, to offer even greater durability and performance. In your search for the ideal coating for your RV roof, you may also want to check out elastomeric roof coatings. Is Sherwin Williams paint really that good? Yes. But there are problems with this approach, mainly finding a paint that will adhere to the asphalt shingles and last for more than a few years. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Posted on August 05, 2014. Call CBP for appointment at  13 Sep 2018 There are some pros and cons of elastomeric paint, but in the end, it will you choose to decide if it is a good match for the job that is needed. If what you are asking is if you should coat old shingles with a elastomeric coat instead of tearing off the old and replace with new, I think the answer is no. Depending on your size of pool, you may need 6-10 gallons, plus some painting supplies. However, the material behaves very differently from paint. Re: Stucco: Elastomeric Coatings vs. There are also different types of paint bases to consider when coating a concrete surface in a workplace, basement, sidewalk or other zones. Elastomeric paint is a special type of paint that is designed with polymers and acrylics in a special combination created for outdoor use, especially use on materials that do not… Disadvantages of Elastomeric Paint See more Filed Under: Videos Tagged With: Acrylic stucco paint, Applying elastomeric paint with roller, double back painting, Elastomeric stucco coatings, elastomeric stucco paint, how to apply elastomeric paint, how to paint my exterior plaster walls, how to paint rough stucco, images of priming stucco walls, is elastomeric paint worth it, paint for In wet regions, chalking paint might not be well worth the excess expense because frequent rainfalls will continue to keep the exterior of the house clean no matter what sort of paint is used. Even after a second coat of paint was applied (sprayed, then roller-brushed), there are still pinholes of varying sizes (from pinprick to no bigger than soda bubbles) everywhere I looked and lots of them. For commercial roofs in Arlington, Richardson and Plano, TX. Price is Firm! Airless paint sprayer, paint sprayer, Titan, airlessco, Wagner, commercial paint sprayer, electric airless sprayer, Greco , Location: elastomeric, skim lvl 5, Drywall Mud (Chandler; Price: $2395; Read Our enterprise is a prominent provider of optimum quality 3990 High Build Acrylic Elastomeric Coating in the market. When the project involves repainting a surface with many layers of existing coating but no record of the history of the work, every effort must be made to identify the existing coatings. ( Elastomeric coatings are being marketed nationwide as "liquid type siding", "Lifetime warranty" and, "Never Paint Again" paint jobs that cost thousands of dollars. We then top coat with a very pricey mildew and dirt resistant latex at about 120 sf per gallon at 1 to 4 months after elastomeric application. Most premium Elastomeric caulks will range from $5-$7 per tube, but is well worth the investment. Joints between panels are covered with fiber mesh tape embedded in surface-bonding cement, then covered with a sponge finish stucco and elastomeric paint. Here Deck Resurface Stains like Behr Deckover, Olympic Rescue-It, Rust-Oleum Restore – Do They Work? Homeowners are always looking for an alternative to a deck replacement. H&C Decorative Concrete Products Expert tips and FAQ's for H However, it's water-based so rather than an oil paint that needs to be cleaned with mineral spirits, you can use this around the house safely and clean it with water. Interesting. Note: The acrylic paint should be redone every 5-15 years and I have to repaint my roof in only 2 years. RJ Construction are Dallas / Fort Worth's commercial roofing contractors. PERMA-CRETE® PITT-FLEX® Interior/Exterior Elastomeric Coating is specifically designed for above grade, masonry substrates that require the ultimate match  100% acrylic elastomeric waterproofing paint A a self-priming waterproof coating for It has good weather ability against UV rays of the sun and excellent  Single-pack, waterborne, very low VOC elastomeric paint for concrete protection. If it is worth it, I will put it on. DULUX AcraTex Elastomeric 201 is a mid-build, Elastomeric performance coating applied by conventional nap roller delivering minimal roller stipple for even coverage and superior weather proofing and Anti-carbonation properties. , summer and peak heating periods). A quality elastomeric roof coating can increase the life of your existing roof by up to 20 years. Innovative technology combines elastomeric acrylic resins with urethane resins resulting in a flexible but tough surface. The glossy finish is horrible compared to BM glossy and I rate it on par with Zinsser primer finish, took 3 coats to look decent on plaster. These days a lot of homeowners have started getting Lake Worth elastomeric roof coating put on their roofs because of the many benefits that are associated with doing so. Peeling paint is rarely caused by bad paint. Painted tan over blue, took one gallon for the walls of a 16x14 bedroom and looks great. The Spraytech will spray enamels, latex, block fillers, dry fall, and elastomeric. Elastomeric Roof Coating. What is Ames® Block & Wall® Liquid Rubber? Waterproof in extreme situations with Ames® Block & Wall® Liquid Rubber. Consumer Reports vs. Here's a guide to which insulation tricks will work in cooling down your home, attic and garage, and which ones will just be an with a simulated stucco elastomeric paint finish, and each building incor-porated concrete steps and ramps and roof-mounted HVAC mechanical systems. If further sealing is necessary, then I'll go with an elastomeric paint on top of the Acrylic Latex. While Heng’s says you can thin its product, we don’t recommend it. For Yu, basketball makes Rain or Shine the No. Elastomeric roof coating in Lake Worth is a rubberized roof coating that is known for being very tough as well as incredibly flexible. Benjamin Moore Paint Review. DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION WEEK, LAS VEGAS (Jan. Waterproof and  1 Jul 2015 I have a 90 year Stucco house with some hairline cracking but mostly in good shape. This highly adhesive coating is high in solids and dries to a strong flexible membrane that is highly elastomeric to resist cracking and peeling. In the experiment above, I used an ordinary latex paint and it’s already flaking off a few weeks later. LUMEN turns ordinary latex paint into an elastomeric coating that can expand and contract with the siding on your home, which adds years of life to the paint. Zolatone and Polomyx I looked up the fancy Barium White reflective paint Brendan mentioned… sounds awesome but its like $1200 a liter lol! I totally thought you guys would think I was crazy for bringing up the elastomeric roof paint stuff but you guys knew exactly what I was talking about! Sounds like it could be a real pain if I ever have to paint over it though. Because it takes several hours of warm weather for the material to harden, you should not apply it on a day when the temperature is below 60º F or rain is expected, and do not apply it so late in the afternoon that it doesn’t have a few hours to dry before dark. understands the appearance of any project is the one element that immediately reflects the quality and integrity of the building, as well as the construction team involved. 20 reviews of Southern Painting - Fort Worth "Was looking for someone this year to repaint my house trim and based on other reviews decided to give Southern Painting a try. All you need to do is take measures to prepare the concrete way for sealing and then carry out the practice. The product forms a rubber-like surface that reflects 90 percent of the sun's rays, according to the company's website. The moisture will crawl up the stucco that is under the ground where there is no paint and into the area where it gets trapped between the paint and the moisture barrier. When it comes to “Cool Roofs,” like elastomeric coatings, it has been almost a no-brainer to install them in the southern regions of the country. The elastomeric properties of the coating keep it flexible to minimize the chance that cracks will reappear. Anyone know how True Value Exterior Paint is? Does anyone out there in TOH member land know anything about T V paint at all? Here is my home and I am having a difficult time figuring out what color to paint the I read conflicting views on using elastomeric paint, some says that it will seal in any moisture and would cause mold or rot due to the trapped moisture. It was painted more than 10 years ago with elastomeric  A premium plus 100% Acrylic medium-build elastomeric coating, designed for use on Exhibits outstanding performance with good elasticity and elongation  A paint coating's resistance to ultraviolet radiation and moisture is dependent on resistant to ultraviolet light (sunlight) and has good adhesion (sticks to wood) and Acrylic latex paints generally outperform "elastomeric" paints over stucco  Elastomeric paint is a high build coating that is designed to protect masonry surfaces. I was researching sites to find commentary about your product, as I have extremely faded paint on my T-111 and was considering Rhino Shield as an alternative to conventional paint. Elastomeric is a high-solid acrylic coating that can cover cracks in stucco up to 1/16th of an How to Apply Elastomeric Paint. Any wider cracks, a stucco repair kit is recommended, and Not normal paint-able caulk. Paint Over a Texture-Coated Exterior. RV Roof Superstore - 38-1599 In the end, it is worth it to investment in the best deck paint to prolong the life of your wood decks. Got an exterior job to do again and was thinking of using Bedec's Extra Flex elastomeric masonry paint. DESCRIPTION: ▫ 100% Acrylic Elastomeric non- textured coating. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for FlashSeal Elastomeric Flashing Sealant, 1 Gallon (Brown) at Amazon. The 3 year warranty gives you piece of mind that this machine will last and repairs won't bog down your business. Conclusion The very best paint will ride on your preferences and surface requirements. ® Not all roofs are candidates for a roof restoration, however, if the association budget is a concern, then it is an option worth exploring. Also known as: elastomeric exterior paint, elastomeric masonry, elastomeric stucco paint, elastomeric rubberized paint, rubber paint, elastomeric coatings, waterproof paint barrier. Worth doing, worth Dulux. Sure you could buy paint for one third the cost, but what do you get: a lot of water added. com. Stucco painting prices depend on the size, condition, and area of your home, but a home with a typical 1,000 square foot, single story floor plan typically costs $750-$900 to paint. Ensure you use the best driveway sealer so that it can stay in a great condition for years to come before needing another sealing job. 😣 Big saving BEHR Premium 1 Gal MS 50 Prairie Sage Elastomeric Masonry Stucco And Brick Paint 06801 guarantee Find our best-selling BEHR Premium 1 Gal MS 50 Prairie Sage Elastomeric Masonry Stucco And Brick Paint 06801 for you home space. Eggshell paint is a popular choice for bedrooms and family rooms as it offers a soft, velvety finish that reveals some shine. We've been in business since 2001, and our business does work on behalf of residential, commercial and industrial customers. It provides good protection against moisture, so it is suitable for humid areas. We use a short-nap paint roller, applying the coating at a rate of about a gallon per 200 square feet of roof surface. I find Duration to be a finicky product to work with whereas SuperPaint practically applies itself, and the finish is faboo. These paints and coatings utilize fade-resistant, inorganic pigments and are useful for all types of architectural surfaces. Even then, a thin masonry conditioner should never be used in-place of a film-building paint coating as protection for your home if what you desire is maximum longevity. " Best for Wood: BEHR Barn and Fence Paint at Home Depot "This paint is mildew resistant, which will keep your wood sound. Its elongation, peel strength and solar reflectance values offer weather protection, high solar reflectivity and superior longevity when compared to economy grade reflective roof coatings. Double check the recommendations with your local paint store. We would love to hear from you if you have used the SuperDeck Stain from Sherwin Willaims on your wood or deck. With that said, even if you use a top of the line elastomeric on raw wood, painting is not recommended. Do roof coatings work well & save money? For low-slope roofs (the technical name for what most people refer to as a flat roof or a commercial roof) that have already started leaking, may not be in the best of shape, or don’t have the best drainage, the most accurate answer is “it really depends”. After using primer on the surface, applying two layers of elastomeric paint may sufficiently fill in pits and small cracks and protect the stucco from further damage. The best way to fix or mai. That means, we can simply paint it on, brush it on or spray it on, just like paint. Deck paint can either be oil based or water acrylic based. Get detailed information on specific brands - Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews There are four main reasons you should never pressure wash your house. A good quality elastomeric will stick just fine. Unfortunately, when it sounds too good to be true, it usually it is. When wood is neglected, it can be expensive to have it restored or replaced. Unlike paint, however, our coating dries 8-9 times thicker than latex paint and has many more benefits to offer. Paint Selection At every opportunity, we’ve been impressed with the variety and selection Benjamin Moore provides – the colors are stylish and fresh. It is up to 800% elastomeric. I have a commercial model airless paint sprayer so I know how little they get used. Waterproof in extreme situations with Ames® Block & Wall® Liquid Rubber. They have everything from interior paint to exterior paint and more. I was advised by the painter that he doesn’t suggest Elastomeric paint because after sometime bubbles form and its not as good as Loxon XP. Offered product is processed from finest quality ingredients as per the defined industry norms. That makes it easy to keep track of what's what, use up leftovers on the next repaint. At the end, I’ll discuss the right way to way wash the outside of your house, but first the bad way. But like masonry paint, elastomeric paint reduces the breathability of the finish. American Clay is a wall plaster/color- it is green, eliminates the need for plaster and then paint and is a great finish for rustic interiors- water soluble, apply over drywall, painted walls, cement block or brick. Our services can be seen in facilities throughout Dallas and Ft. In addition to other popular interior paints like satin and gloss, we also carry unique options like magnetic paint, which allows you to turn a wall into a magnetic surface. g. It's more flexible than standard coatings and leaves a durable film that's twice as thick (about 5 mil). Chris, the owner, was the first in his visit to give me an estimate and suggesting the elastomeric paint for the south side of the house due to the intense valley sun. It is a high build acrylic-urethane-elastomeric formula that waterproofs, insulates, and soundproofs. Deck paint is available in many colors so you can pick one that matches your wood or go with a completely different color. The GacoRoof silicone paint binds extremely well to the the acrylic paint. I am told the leading paints for exterior paints are Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams. Paint will fill hairline  Elastomeric paints can help protect masonry from water damage due to walls, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, warn experts at the Paint Quality  Learn and read reviews about BEHR PREMIUM Elastomeric Paint for home in Florida and was looking for a paint that would look good, perform well and help  29 Dec 2017 Penn Coat Inc. The precast parking garage was built on drilled piers, and the wood frame structure was built on a PT slab foundation. Choosing a sprayer, such as a Wagner FLEXiO 990, over a brush and roller saves time and effort, and you'll get more even coverage. When it comes to painting, elastomeric sticks to it / Paint praised for durability. This coating is so durable it can out perform even the best 100% exterior acrylic paint by 2 to 1. Lowis was very helpful setting me up with the paint store that was going to supply the paint. You apply it like you would most paints, using a brush, roller or sprayer. All Around Painting is a company that serves Las Cruces and Albuquerque, NM. Beautiful, long lasting and UV resistant wall and roof ceramic coating solutions for any home, commercial or industrial application no matter the climate. Airless spray is recommended for optimum results. A water-based paint removal product that delivers the superior performance professionals require when removing even the most difficult coatings. To learn more about our product, visit our Benefits page. Most people are familiar with at least one acrylic plastic, Plexiglas ®. These products have excellent adhesion to many surfaces. I suggest spending the money and taking the extra time to do the job the long way, then sit back and relax for many years to come. Flow. Don't paint elastomeric coatings with any non-elastomeric top coat unless the elastomeric finish has weathered for at least one year. These formulations are very high in resin, apply very thick (equal to 4-5 coats of regular paint) and reduce repainting frequency, average life cycle is 8-10 years. Elastomeric paint is an above grade exterior coating suitable for many surfaces such as brick, split-faced block, precast concrete, EIFS, and stucco. Aura ® Exterior Paint. in good faith on the basis of information available at the time of  Elastomeric Paints for Stucco, Masonry, Concrete. It has some excellent reviews as to its crack covering properties so it was worth a try. Elastomeric paint is a high build coating that is designed to protect masonry surfaces. This inspector uses two methods to measure the DFT of an elastomeric coating on concrete. You can explore the complete catalog of more than 3,400 paint colors online, and view color combinations suggestions based on your choices. Topcoating elevates texture system performance and extends system life cycle. offers a complete line of decorative and protective high-build architectural coatings for commercial, industrial, transportation and residential applications. It is not recommended for every house. For more information, call (954) 458-6095 or visit floridaqualityroofing. Stella Amador is Vice President and Co-owner of Florida Quality Roofing, Inc. The flexible film covers and hides hairline cracks, making uniform pinhole-free jobs easier and faster to achieve. When it comes to professional painting, we have you covered. Jun 03, 2019 (Wired Hearld via COMTEX) -- Global QYResearch added new research report to its vast database titled ldquo;Global Elastomeric Coatings for the Construction Market 2019rdquo; which Elastomeric Coating. So, Is it Worth the Extra Cost? The answer really depends on your needs and preferences. Rhino Shield Ceramic Paint Coating is a durable, flexible maintenance free wall coating. These materials tend to expand and contract as the seasons change, which chips and flakes most paints. Roof coatings can extend roof life and they are suitable for many types of roofs, including single-ply, metal, built-up roofing (BUR) and modified bitumen systems. Although the cost of this paint is 50 percent more than other paint, it’s worth it, considering its durability. If you paint the pool yourself, you will probably spend $800-900 on materials for the job. Possibly the best exterior finish is elastomeric paint. Great Prices on RV Roof Sealants, Coatings, Cement, Patch Kits. is a specialty manufacturer and licensor of premium quality, solventless elastomeric polyurethanes used as heavy-duty protective coatings and linings for a wide range of severe service industrial applications. Instead, choose dedicated driveway or masonry paint (aka "elastomeric"), which may be tinted to a color you choose. A few companies like Behr, Rust-Oleum, and Olympic to name a few, are selling a deck resurface product. These coatings help protect your stucco from wind-driven rain. Acrylic Latex Update on the original question. The way the guy went on about it, it's a miracle product. Cost breakdown. Substantial or uneven color fading is also an indicator that it is time to paint, as is the existing paint bubbling or peeling. Many roof coatings are elastomeric, that is, they have elastic properties that allow them to stretch and return to their original shape without damage. ANDRES was selected to construct this 285-unit, 369, 874-square-foot apartment complex with a parking garage. The same paint that peels in some spots will stick tenaciously for 40 to 50 years in other spots. The apartment buildings were finished with 30 percent brick and 70 percent 1/2" plaster painted with elastomeric paint. 36 Billion by 2021 - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts Report 2016-2021 - Vendors: BASF, Dow Corning, Progressive Painting - Research and Markets Elastomeric is not as breathable so it can trap moisture especially if not applied properly. We’ve rounded up a list of the five most reviewed and recommended stucco paints in the market to give you an idea of how each product works. Waterbased elastomeric coatings are often the go-to choice for exterior So a good specification for elastomeric coating application should not state the number  Elastomeric paint is a special type of paint that is designed with polymers and acrylics in a special combination created for outdoor use, especially use on  Mark, that's a very good question (asking what is on the wall now). I don't really understand what makes them supposedly so much better. Some caulking products will carry the term "elastomeric", yet some contain very little elastomeric resin. This extremely durable, mildew  23 Dec 2013 All Interior and Exterior Surfaces - Painting elastomeric paint with roller - The Sherwin williams guy told me that elastomeric paint is only good if  Shop valspar duramax flat masonry and stucco elastomeric latex exterior paint ( actual net contents: 124-fl oz) in the exterior paint section of Lowes. Because this is much thicker than standard exterior paint, you'll need special equipment. Only State Certified General and Roofing Contractors are eligible for a Rhino Linings 5-Year, No Leak, Roof Coating Limited Warranty. We assume that since the elastomeric paint has lasted more than 20 years, it was a darn good choice. Go to your nearest body shop. Lifetime Coatings will still look just like a fresh coat of paint long after ordinary, or even elastomeric, paint would become discolored, faded, mildewed, and cracked. This paint is without a doubt worth the money. The warranty is non-transferable and covers coating replacement only in the event of a leak due to deterioration as a result of ordinary weather conditions. Quality is the essence of our  BOYSEN® Elasti-kote™ Elastomeric Wall Covering resistance; Excellent scrub resistance; Very good mildew resistance; Lead free and mercury free paint. Sunbelt Rentals carries Paint Sprayers suitable for interior and exterior paint application needs. FOR 18 YEARS, businessman Raymond Yu has used basketball as a way to market his line of products, first with Welcoat and later on with Rain or Shine. Rust-Oleum Extreme Elastomeric Roof Coating can be spray, roll or brush applied. The wall in question is built with CMU. The BEHR Premium Elastomeric Masonry Stucco and Brick The BEHR Premium Elastomeric Masonry Stucco and Brick Paint is an exterior flexible high-build coating designed to expand and contract bridging hairline cracks on vertical masonry surfaces. It seems that pool paint may deliver a crushing blow on the cost factor – $1000 vs $5000 – it’s a no-brainer! It’s worth calling around and asking, but if your area has a limited supply of roofers, there’s a good chance you’ll have to paint your shingles yourself. If you're located in the Greater Tampa area and you need help with your stucco painting project, please give us a call at (813) 570-8800 or click on the button below. Sprayer not available where I live so had to do it by hand with a roller. Planning your projects is easy with the Behr paint, stain and floor coatings estimator. Specification of Rust-Oleum 17 Years Elastomeric Coating Paint Paints and paint colors that will transform your world. Kool Seal may be the best roof coating because it clings to your roof in all temperatures. Titan Superflex Elastomeric Paint. They can be applied to virtually any existing roofing surface to create a seamless membrane that protects against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light and severe weather. Elastomeric paint is great for exteriors because it can fill in minor cracks, it stretches, and it's water resistant. “ Defianely not worth the money, Duration is much better. They’ve long been a noteworthy solution for high-risk finish applications such as concrete, masonry, stucco, and even metal roofing. It isn’t a paint. A great technical solution for plastered cracked outside(!) walls, but not in every case. This type of roof coating can actually be applied to a wide range of roofs as a means of protecting their underlying material as well as stopping and preventing leaks. I'm sure the elastometric paint won't last as long as the GG, but I could probably get 5 years and then do it again. They are recommended in situations where “breathability” is desired. These days a lot of homeowners have started getting Fort Worth elastomeric roof coating put on their roofs because of the many benefits that are associated with doing so. There are even DIY tutorials to help you paint your own car but I wouldn't recommend it. You can also try priming the concrete with Zinser 123 and using an elastomeric paint that will stretch as the concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes. Regular paint will also not properly adhere to asphalt, wood, or tile shingles. For about $1/square foot, you can have the only pool deck paint coating on the market that keeps concrete cool on hot summer days. Variety of colors to choose from – It’s just like regular paint in that way. After successfully painting your metal roof and everything looks great, it is your job to keep it that way. It is meant to be more flexible. You can also buy paint tailored to conditions in specific regions of the country. It is a firewall between the units. DuSpec. Prep materials and labor will cost the homeowner, also the warranty does not transfer to a new owner. Pressure treated decks are common in the residential repaint segment, because the wood rarely rots, but often seems to take on every form of ugly just shy of rotting. Elastomeric paints are high build coatings   Before you buy in, make sure you know the pros and cons of of elastomeric coatings. " Best for Porch and Patio: KILZ Interior/Exterior Enamel Paint at Amazon "Once the paint is set, your porch or patio will be protected for years. It might be cheaper now, but you will be exposing yourself to many more troubles in the long run. Every paint made by Kelly-Moore is manufactured using the highest-quality raw materials to ensure your paint applications go on smoothly and look great. specializes in protecting surfaces and structures from corrosion with high-performance coatings and linings. ) Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings is better than anything else on the market. So he called in the paint inspector to take a look. The building on the far right was called the Mississippi Power & Light Good Sense House. A high-build, low lustre elastomeric coating with 300% elongation that is designed to beautify and protect masonry structures from damage due to weathering and moisture intrusion. Are there similar alternatives that would cost much less? Does anyone have experience with elastomeric paint on the r-panels or any metal roof? Is it worth it (the cooling properties of the paint)? I was hoping to take the paint into a home depot or lowes so that it can be tinted to a nice green (coop will be barn red with the white trim look) Kool Seal RV™ Elastomeric White Roof Coating is a flexible roof coating that reflects the UV while lowering cooling costs CBP of Arizona, Inc. To start understanding the fundamental importance and value of solar-reflective exterior paints and coatings, we need to learn their history. I live in Central Florida. Kool Seal's Duralite White elastomeric roof coating eliminates the need for primer in most instances, and it resists mildew and algae. The difference between elastomeric and conventional paint/stain technologies is that elastomerics have higher solids contents, and can be applied much thicker. View our paint sprayer inventory today. When a paint has a high elastomeric value, it will peel. They did tint the Elastomeric paint before applying though. These specialized coating systems are ideal for applications on masonry, stucco, EIFS and concrete. SherLastic Elastomeric Coating And not only did the QA rep suspect the finish was applied too thinly, he also discovered variations in the level of adhesion. It does not oxidize with exposure to the sun, and will guard your paint from fading caused by UV rays. Acrylic Latex You are never supposed to paint three coat stucco, the proper procedure is to water-blast it and if necessary (usually the owner wants to change the color) you apply a new color coat. Worth include: concrete floor sealing, decorative epoxy floor coating systems, epoxy floor coatings, ESD & conductive floor coatings, high performance flooring top coats, heavy duty epoxy wall systems, joints and patching and striping, LEED and sustainable floor systems, moisture Don't use regular exterior paint-- it's not made for concrete and will tend to crack and peel as the material expands and contracts. He quoted $18,600 to prep and paint our house with this stuff. Elastomeric coatings have high elongation properties, remain intact over hairline cracks caused by thermal changes in Very good adhesion to all substrates. Consumer reviews below in the comment section have shown lower than average results when using the SuperDeck Stain. A+ product ” Bedec Interior-Flex Elastomeric Matt Emulsion is an elastomeric matt emulsion paint formulated to coat interior ceilings and walls. This means you can allow more time to pass before having to re-paint. 00 worth of SW paint. Exterior Products Small Projects Stains Colors which display on the screen and printed colors may not match the paint's actual color. For discount exterior paint prices, buy larger sizes - go with a 5 gallon container versus the regular 1 gallon can. Elastomeric Roof Coating Saves on Energy Costs. Three surfaces that work best for elastomeric deck coating. Elastomeric paint expands and contracts 7 times it's size, filling small cracks up to 10 Mils thick. Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams is an excellent choice of paint and using the best paint is smart, Dunn-Edwards is a very old brand and they used to make the absolute best if they haven't been Silicone types of elastomeric coatings and uses are limited. Most professional painters recommend using a primer 1 and two coats of paint on exterior This is paint made to create a slightly stretchy film over the stucco surface. Update 2019: SuperDeck Stain Review. Cool can even be applied over existing Kool-Deck and cement-based pool deck coatings to give them a fresh appearance that either maintains or develops a cooling feature. Long-term testing has shown that 100-percent acrylic Then they applied a primer coat and 2 finish coats, using an elastomeric paint on the stucco surfaces. Our deck waterproofing systems are Your paint will be unsalvageable if it is applied without sealant. You can apply any type of paint to primed or properly prepared prefinished wood paneling. By comparison, the paint on cool metal roofing panels can last for 30 years or more. When the walls are adobe, the foundation allows water to wick up and pop off the elastomeric. Cons Of Applying Ceramic Paint To Your House. We use only the finest products, displaying our quality through our craftsmanship. Is Ceramic Coating Better Than Paint? The owners of this home were willing to pay more for ceramic exterior coating because it should last much longer than the six years they’d expect from traditional paint. This means a roof coating actually becomes the top Exterior Paint, Elastomerics The problem of moisture penetration, be they residential, commercial or industrial, has been so successfully addressed by elastomerics that it is almost a foregone conclusion for contractors to specify its use in any application where moisture is likely to occur. It also greatly improves color stability, so paint doesn’t fade nearly as fast. History of Solar-Reflective Paint and Roof Coatings. Better paint for stucco: elastomeric or latex? Bill and Kevin Burnett, Inman News A quick read of the specs makes us think this might be a product worth checking out. It looks just like house paint and you can also tint it to any color that you wish. If the siding on your house is covered with stucco, cedar shakes or another textured material, you'll be glad you have a sprayer when the time comes to repaint. 075 mm (3 dry mils) to more than 1 mm (40 dry mils). We are the preferred elastomeric coating company for a variety of property management firms and owners, due to our low elastomeric coating services cost, and our quest for providing the perfect service. uses elastomeric paint for a number of reasons. Concrete, stucco, block and brick all show excellent results after receiving a couple of layers of elastomeric paint. This special line of paint helps resist mildew and algae, which can be a concern with a re-painted roof. Advanced Stucco Technology After 30 years of formulating, testing and manufacturing vertical wall products, Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc. We blow the paint under the detached shingle flaps and back-roll, making the shingles virtually indestructible by high winds. Use over existing exterior paint or stained deck. Elastomeric paint is usually meant for cement or stucco buildings and not for wood buildings. Customer relations doesn’t seem to be your bag. If identification is not possible or feasible, applying an elastomeric coating may be a risk that’s not worth taking. Learn More. Four ways that pressure washing does more harm than good. 10 Times Better Than Paint. EPDM Coatings provides Liquid EPDM Rubber and EPDM Liquid Roof coatings for roof leaks repair. Learn why we use this type of paint for industrial painting. You’ll find a paint brush invaluable for working around a/c units and around edges. There are many different lines of elastomeric and 100% acrylic. Very good outdoor durability and dirt pick-up resistance. If an elastomeric paint is needed, putting it over existing coating is useless. If your home has a few cracks in the stucco, it is a simple repair that can be done prior to using acrylic exterior paint. Elastomeric coatings look like paint but apply much thicker forming a rubber-like membrane that will expand and contract with the buildings movement eliminating cracks. specializes in Elastomeric Roof Coatings as Reflective Roof Coatings and Cooling Roof Coatings. In addition, all Kelly-Moore paints use advanced coating technology that creates a professional, even cover on any surface. To paint an outdoor concrete patio, start by repairing any cracks or crevices in the surface and cleaning it thoroughly. Latex paints are the industry standard for most exterior house painting, and they continue to improve. Or at half the cost: less good adhesion, less good stretch, less good mildew control. Both homeowners and professionals will find the perfect paint color in our ColorStudio Collection. A guide to home insulation in Arizona: More isn’t always better. Rhino Shield is NOT an elastomeric paint. "The 100 percent acrylic paint is suitable for a wide array of surfaces. this paint splatters, runs and doesn't cover as well as duration. A pressure/fog test of the envelope will occur subsequent to that. Masonry surfaces do especially well with an elastomeric application. Thus peeling your paint or brewing mold. After you’ve made your repairs, make sure the surface is clean and dry before you prime or paint. These coatings help protect your stucco from wind driven rain, and can create a waterproof system if applied correctly. This paint is resistant to sunlight, heat, cold and wind driven rain. You need to go to a paint store in your area and have a rep from that company come out and spec out this job and you don Silicone Elastomeric Coating Services Ft Worth, Texas We provide silicone elastomeric coating services for clients who are concerned with the application of a coating that will produce exceptional longevity as well as weatherproof capabilities. Plexiglas is an all-acrylic material, usually associated with a polymeric, plastic material that is extremely durable, and has excellent weathering properties, and is very resistant to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight and the adverse effects of weathering. Proud Members of the NRCA On stucco prone to cracking, use an elastomeric paint. Just as with pairing your paint to match a galvanized or non-galvanized roof, the sealant must be compatible with the type of paint in order to be effective. Duration is Sherwin-William's top-of-the-line exterior paint, as its premium price tag suggests, but most experts, professional painters and do-it-yourselfers agree that it's worth its cost. My approach will probably be to go ahead with the attempt to air seal the OSB Attic deck with a couple coats of Acrylic Latex Paint. Caulking these cracks with standard acrylic or even elastomeric caulk will cause them to flash thru a coating or applying stucco patch to them will result in the  15 Nov 2017 Looking to fill in the cracks in your monolithic or texture cladded home? A question we are often asked is, “should I use an elastomeric coating  Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings refer to a liquid-applied monolithic . Don’t subject yourself to the endless cycle house painters want to put on you. When you speak of “lots of cracks” - I am assuming (and by the paint) that you are speaking of an Exterior paint job, correct? I believe the luxury part of your project is at least half stucco? Dulux AcraTex elastomeric topcoats provide ultimate protection for masonry substrates delivering barrier coat protection against the damaging ingress of moisture, carbon dioxide and chloride ion contaminants. Unfortunately, elastomeric paint is too thick for many, less powerful spray rigs. Materials: Paint prices ranges between $30-$50 per gallon. There are competitors on the market claiming that their elastomeric paint is equivalent to Rhino Shield (example, Texcote CoolWall) but this couldn't be more true. DECK COATING REVIEWS OF PAINT PRODUCTS A number of deck coating reviews endorse elastomeric as the best product to use and is more than likely the only way to go if your painting a deck. Elastomeric Paint also has additives that make it a thicker, flexible coating. Performance is king with Rodda's elastomeric stucco and masonry paint lines. I am planning on having my home repainted. By Rey Joble, Correspondent. If you have an older roofing system, such as metal, rubber, or bitumen, you should consider that the soaring summer temperatures and all that direct sunlight over the course of a day creates intense heat. Even so, it can last longer than ten years. Keep in mind that elastomeric paints are hard to sand off once they are on. Elastomeric paint forms a durable, tough film that provides a waterproof coating to almost any structure. The bottom line is if your house was painted correctly to start, depending on how much direct sunlight your dwelling receives throughout the day and color chosen, [reds & blues fade faster] you can plan to paint your home every 3-5 years give or take. This process is a single coat at 20-25 sf per gallon, a lot of paint. We offer elastomeric roof coatings in order to reduce building temperature and provide water proofing for new roofs and re-roofs. Elastomeric coating services provide a flexible and breathable waterproof barrier for above grade applications. Re: Need to buy a sprayer to paint my stucco house and two sheds You may be better off renting one. The texcote product is an elastomeric product just under a different name. RECOMMENDED - See the top selling airless paint sprayers here. For this reason, elastomeric paint is considered the best stucco paint for older homes. And they don't strip off the existing paint or stucco--they repair it, bond it, and paint right over it. Project Size 2,722 sq ft Facility Use Two-Practitioner Clinic Description Exam rooms Procedure Room Nurse’s Station Lab Waiting Area Business Office Completion 90 days Relocatable Modular Buildings So, what is the best driveway sealer of 2019? You will find the list below. Elastomeric roof coatings are compatible with almost all types of roofs. Its the same old logic: good paint pays for itself. What is elastomeric paint you ask? Well! elastomeric coatings are a latex product and by far the best paint to use on pretty much any of your exterior projects. applying an elastomeric coating may be a risk that's not worth taking. Paint Calculator Find out how much paint you will need by using our online paint calculator. Can be used on old wood or concrete. The finish has a limited lifetime guarantee. Mind Body Spirit: building a connection in an unmoored world. The team was dependable, courteous and neat, always cleaning up at the end of the day. We use this advanced semi Re: Stucco: Elastomeric Coatings vs. Elastomeric paint is an excellent paint for stucco, masonry, and other surfaces. LEARN MORE ▷   There are many types of elastomeric roof coatings such as acrylic, butyl, Solvent based roof coating offers good tensile strength and ponding water resistance. Again, it's through Costco and has a lifetime warranty. Elastomeric coatings are meant to go on 4 to 5 five times thicker than a coat of paint. APPLICATION  on Pinterest. It also keeps your home cool because paint offers high initial reflectivity value of 67%. Bedec Interior-Flex is a unique product designed to bridge hairline cracks and flex with the substrate where movement causes cracking with conventional matt emulsion. I have a T-111 house to do,the owner wants Elastomeric,is this wise,the previous paint job is in pretty good condition with the exception of a few spots of peel and wood check,I dont wanna drown the wood in Elasto meric and then have problems because of lack of breathability. Elastomeric paint is the worst thing you can put on stucco, it seals the  Elastomeric Coating. They have the best scientists in the industry (worldwide) working on updates to their chemical technology all the time. This coating is very sticky and grips quite well. You can not pull it off the roof it sticks so well. The thinner it is, the less likely you’ll have the best protection. is elastomeric paint worth it

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